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It should be given the same degree of protection as your house and other assets, no matter what you put inside your shed. When you go on a break and no one is left at home, this is more important during the holidays.
This guide gathered by lawn care in Cleveland, OH will make you aware of the common mistakes, as well as the necessary solutions that will minimize the risk of breaking into the framework while securing sheds.
The Structure is Poor
If your shed has been hanging around for a long time, some loose slats or rotting timber may still be in it. That means that your rusty, worn-out shed has little to no protection against robbers.
How to Lower the Risk:
The first thing you need to do is watch out for your shed for any issues. Fix any loose slats immediately and use new panels to improve the shed's internal structure. Make sure that any broken window frames or doors are also replaced and any gaps in the roof are sealed.
Make it hard for bad guys to enter your shed at first sight. You may plant thorny bushes that will act as a deterrent around the structure. Also, at all times, keep the fence openings closed and protected, and if you have overgrown shrubs around the shed, periodically trim them so that they can not be used for hiding.
Ancient Locks
On your shed door, poor locks and clasps mean that burglars can easily smash it.
How to Lower the Risk:
Traditional locks are still effective, so you can replace old fasteners with coach bolts backed up with a sturdy hasp and staple. With a robust padlock, don't forget to protect the shed outside, preferably weatherproof or rustproof. When the attackers see that your shed is all locked up, the more likely they are to avoid it, the more likely they are to get caught.
If you are open to a more modern, high-tech type of security, consider investing in an electronic door lock.
The Loose Hinges
Test the hinges on your shed door. It would be easy to unscrew them and enter the shed if they are already loose and exposed.
How to Lower the Risk:
Replace your old hinges with those with non-removable pins that come with them. These would make your shed much safer as, unlike with normal, removable pin hinges, intruders will not be able to tap out the pins. It is also a good idea to use coach bolts or carriage screws when mounting the hinges, because when they are screwed in, these styles are difficult to remove from the outside.
Unattended Access
Strangers or contractors, when you weren't looking, may have reached your shed. This could give them enough time to unfasten a window for easier access by jamming your door clasp.
How to Lower the Risk:
In these types of cases, window and door alarms are useful. Include the storage shed within its control if you have a controlled home security system. But installing a simple DIY wireless protection system works just as well if you don't feel the need for that.
Look for a security device that, once the alarm is activated, will alert a monitoring company or give you a warning. This will significantly help you decide quickly whether someone is attempting to enter your shed.
The Poor Lighting
Dark corners allow intruders to move easily as no one sees them. That means that it will be easy for criminals to get in if your shed is situated far away from any light source.
How to Lower the Risk:
The only approach for this is motion detector illumination. The job will definitely be done by putting burglars in the spotlight. If you want to keep the whole property secure, add a broader range of lighting so that you can spot intruders from all parts of the building.