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  • Chipmunks are curious! When you are putting out bulbs or new transplants in an area already part of the chipmunks territory he may feel his territory has been invaded and will dig up the plants!          
  • A chipmunk may store up to 8 lbs. of food in its burrows.  The chipmunks mouth is small, but its cheeks can expand almost to the size of its' head.
  • These small mammals have a life span of about 2 to 3 years in the wild.
  • Chipmunks will have two (2) food storage areas, one main food cache and one emergency stash in case they are robbed!
  • Some burrows have been found with over 30,000 nuts!
  • Chipmunks are a member of the Rodent family, which in latin means "gnawing". 
  • To make sure the chipmunks have the tools that it needs to gnaw at seed pods, acorns, etc. their incisors are continuously growing!
  • Chipmunks have been known to make fast friends with humans and can even be coaxed into eating out of your hand!
  • The Eastern Chipmunk mates twice a year-once in spring and once in the fall!
  • The burrows of chipmunks contain a soft nest made of grasses, chopped leaves and fluffy flower seeds.
  • Most Chipmunks look for partners twice per year, while some look year round.
  • Chipmunk gestation lasts approximately 31 days.
  • Three (3) to five (5) chipmunks are born at one (1) time.
  • Baby chipmunks are fully grown at three (3) months of age at which time they leave home to live on their own.
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  • gray collared chimpmunk
    gray collared chimpmunk
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