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  • The term gopher means "tortoise".
  • Continuously growing teeth can grow up to 14 inches per year.
  • This big teeth often protect the animals from snake strikes.
  • Bring 2 ¼ tons of soil to the surface each year.
  • Some species are excellent swimmers.
  • Rarely come above ground.
  • Do not hibernate.
  • Most species of gopher mate two (2) times per year.
  • Some some species breed throughout the year. 
  • Gestational periods last 18-19 days.
  • Gophers give birth to three (3) to four (4) babies. 
  • Babies are born with their eyes, ears and cheek pockets closed.
  • Cheek pockets open 39 days after birth.
  • Eyes and ears open about 26 days after birth. 
  • Cheek pouches open on the outside.
  • Cheek pouches turn completely inside out for cleaning.
  • Live in coastal regions as well as high altitudes.
  • Cheek pouches are fur lined.
  • Exert 18,000 pounds of pressure with their bite.
  • The Plains Pocket Gophers are somewhat of an acrobat.  They are known to run backwards as fast and agile as they can forwards.  They have even been seen doing somersaults inside of their burrows to make a quick getaway.
  • In the Southeastern US pocket gophers are called "salamanders".
  • Gopher burrow mounds are often confused with mole mounds.
  • In the winter time gophers burrow through the snow.  Once the snow melts long, above ground earthen tunnels will be visible.
  • The movie Caddy shack, released in 1980 gave the gopher its 15 minutes of fame and a remains one of the most loved comedies of all time.  Proving that the gopher is one of the most resilient animals in your yard.
  • Nearly 15 different types of animals have been logged taking up residency in an abandoned pocket gopher burrow system. These include:
    • Snakes
      Ground Squirrels
      Kangaroo Rats
      Woodchucks/Ground Hogs
      Prairie Dogs