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Evidence of intrusion of pocket gophers could seem hard to define because of their preference for underground living.  Fortunately, there are still some tell tale signs that will let you know if gophers have intruded into your property and taken up residence in your yard.  Try some of the techniques listed below to determine if your landscape has become home to a pocket gopher.

Gopher Evidence of Intrusion-Mounds of Fresh Soil

Pocket gopher, in the process of digging an underground home leaves soil mounds at the entrances of its burrows. Mounds are formed as the gopher digs its tunnel and pushes the loose dirt to the surface. By pushing the soil out, the animal leaves mounds in a fan shaped pile.

Gopher Evidence of Intrusion-Earthen Tunnels (spring)

In the winter time gophers burrow through the snow.  Once the snow melts long, above ground earthen tunnels will be visible.  Look for these tunnels in early spring.


Gopher Evidence of Intrusion-Tracks

While finding Pocket Gopher tracks would be a rare occurrence, if you do come across imprints in soft soil or mud a gopher track would be fairly small. The image below illustrates what a gopher track will look like.