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Barbara Damrosch

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Scientific Name: Mus musculus/Peromyscus leucopis
Phylum: Chordata/Chordata
Class: Mammalia/Mammalia
Order: Rodentia/Rodentia
Family: Muridae/Muridae
Genus: Mus/Peromyscus
Species: musculus/leucopis

Mice are one of the most widespread animals on earth. Indeed there are over 700 various species considered to be mice by scientists. The information on this page will be most specific to the common house mouse, Mus musculus, and the field mouse, Peromyscus leucopis.

Considered commensal animals, wherever people go the tiny house mouse follows. Into your garden, your shed, your woodpile, your basement your garage, and even your car, this little mammal can do quite a bit of damage in their attempt to coexist with us in places we consider to be our domain.

Their scientific name derives from the Sanskrit musha, meaning "thief.” Indeed they manage to steal food, garden harvests, and at times piece of mind from homeowners who have found the house mouse has moved in.