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Opossum Evidence of Intrusion is mainly linked to the animals diet.  Because they do not hibernate or store food their year round foraging may lead them directly to your yard and garden.  Evidence may present itself in one or more of the following signs of intrusion.

Opossum Evidence of Intrusion-Missing Pet Food
If you find your dog's dish was full when you went to bed and empty in the morning, this could be a sign that an opossum has optioned to help himself to a free meal.

Opossum Evidence of Intrusion-Garbage Cans Turned Over
These animals are scavengers and will become regular visitors to garbage containers and dumpsters.  Finding your cans turned on their sides and non edible trash strewn haphazardly around your yard could be evidence that an opossum has been over for a visit.

Opossum Evidence of Intrusion-Birdfeeder Sightings
Bird seed is a quick and easy treat for North America's only marsupial.  Many a homeowner has looked out the window to find a hungry opossum greedily feasting on millet and sunflower seeds set out for the song birds.

Opossum Evidence of Intrusion-Missing Poultry
For those homeowners who are raising chickens, fox may not be the only culprits when your poultry goes missing.  While opossums prefer carrion over live meat, they may opt for your chicken leaving you without Sunday dinner or fresh eggs for breakfast.

Opossum Evidence of Intrusion-Pets getting into fights/presenting with injuries. It is only natural for our domestic pets to want to protect their homes and territories.  Not surprisingly when they come across an intruder, such as an opossum, they will do what comes natural and confront the opossum.  While opossums are not overtly aggressive, they, too, will defend themselves when necessary and with 50 teeth in their mouth, that just might lead to severe bite wounds to your pet.

Opossum Evidence of Intrusion-Scat

Sometimes the best way to determine what type of animal may be in your yard and gardens at night is by what they might leave behind. Opossum scat, or excrement, will be approximately two (2) to two and a half  (2 1/2) inches long and are irregularly shaped. Pieces of fruit hulls, seeds, feathers or fur are often visible in the droppings.

Opossum Evidence of Intrusion-Tracks

As with all animals tracks can be most easily detected in soft ground including mud, snow, or fine soil.  You may also find them on your deck rails, on top of garbage can lids or any other surface that will help the opossums gain access to structures. The physical appearance of the tracks are quite telling due to the rear feet having the opposable thumbs. These tiny appendages are at a near 90 degree angle from the other toes of the hind feet.  There may also be evidence of their tail dragging behind.  The image below illustrates what the track of the opossum looks like.

As shown here, there are several different ways to determine if the pest in your yard is an opossum.  From non harmful proof such as tracks in the mud and scat left behind to more detrimental and costly proof such as injury to your house pets, it is easy to determine that, as with most animals, the opossum's diet linked to many of the opossum evidence of intrusion.