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Raccoon interesting facts continue to grow as does the population of the little bandits. Read through the listing below to learn more about the Procyon lotor.

  • Raccoons do not assert their own independence until they reach one (1) year-old.
  • Raccoon coats may not be the symbol of high fashion in the 21st Century, but back in the 1920’s raccoon pelts were very popular and sold for about $14.
  • Raccoon fur is still sold today as imitations for mink and seal fur.
  • While raccoons are doing quite well population wise in the Americas, there are some small populations of the Procyon lotor family that are threatened:
    • Procyon insularis found in the Marias Islands, Mexico.
    • Procyon gloveralleni found in the islands of Barbados.
    • Procyon maynardi found in the Bahama Islands.
    • Procyon minor of Guadeloupe Island, of the French Antilles.
    • Procyon pygameus found on Cozumel Island, Mexico.
  • Many people have witnessed raccoons washing their food. By no coincidence the species name “lotor” literally means “the washer”.
  • The weight of the raccoons in North America can vary greatly from as little as six (6) pounds in Florida to near 60 pounds in Canada! This is due to their ability to have body mass that is 50% fat. This is important during the long, cold winters when they may choose to sleep for a few weeks and use this fat to live on.
  • Raccoons are noisy but never boring. Scientists have determined that they can make over 51 different sounds!
    Raccoons are most active at night between sunset and sunrise.
    On the mammal IQ scale raccoons rank higher than cats and just below monkeys.
  • The raccoon has the ability to rotate their hind feet a full 180 degrees to allow for their ability to climb down from trees head first.
  • The word raccoon, derived from the Algonquin Indian word “arakun” means “he scratches with hands”.
  • Raccoons have been introduced to parts of Europe and Asia as well. They are doing quite well in these new homes.
  • Babies are born blind and weigh less than two ounces.
    Raccoons normally live to five (5) years in the wild.
  • As nature’s little bandit increases their presence in the world we are beginning to note more and more of the raccoon interesting facts.