"I don’t think we’ll ever know all there is to know about gardening, and I’m just as glad there will always be some magic about it!"

Barbara Damrosch

 home’s landscaping

Updating your home’s landscaping is a great way to increase the value of your property and create outdoor spaces for relaxing and entertaining. Unique ideas here will make your garden fit for a king

Landscape design is an independent profession and a design and art tradition, practised by landscape designers, combining nature and culture. In contemporary practice, landscape design bridges the space between landscape architecture and garden design.

Squirrels have many benefits to humans.  They are often hunted for food and their fur.  The fur from the tails of the gray squirrels is used in artist’s brushes.

Their treetop acrobatics can be great entertainment.

Unfortunately, they do some detriments to humans and the ecosystem.  They can host parasites that carry diseases such as the plague and rocky tick fever.

Squirrels are chewers and this has caused a host of problems including damage to birdfeeders, maple syrup pipelines, and even structures.  The most destructive damage comes when they chew on electrical power lines.  It has been well documented that their chewing habit has caused fires.

Their arboreal habitat puts them in close proximity to overhead phone and power lines. Shorting out of electrical transformers has been blamed on the high wire travels of Squirrels.